What is a locma?

Locma is a traditional Turkish dessert made of flour, sugar, yeast and salt bathed in syrup or honey.

It was first cooked by the Sultan’s cooks at Ottoman Empire palaces. After the 20th century, it became a tradition for Turks to cook and serve locmas to neighbors and passengers.


Our dough is prepared daily on an on-demand basis so that all portions are always enjoyed fresh and hot.

Bite Sized

Our perfectly fried, golden, crunchy dough is stuffed with a filling and topped with the matching sauce, nuts or dried fruits.


Our menu gets a makeover each season, so we can pack our locmas with seasonal goodness.


We offer two types of store operating formats for you to open your own Miss Locma: Traditional store front and our mobile food cart.

Our traditional format stores are open seven days a week, typically from 11am to 10pm.
Mobile food cart locations will have operating hours that depend on the location and venue.

The Concept

All new Miss Locma locations will feature our new store design incorporating a warm summer day layout and decor, providing a fun and friendly atmosphere and environment appealing to today’s consumer.


Miss Locma İstanbul:
Bağdat Cad. No:344/F Erenköy/Kadıköy

Miss Locma Ankara:
Beştepe mah. Nergiz sok. No:7/2 Yenimahalle

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